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 “He who sells himself to style, turns his statues into bad literature.”  Auguste Rodin

I had a meeting in Aspen yesterday with a client about portraits of him and his wife. Afterward, Hermine and I walked around and enjoyed the art and atmosphere of a town designed for people who are way above my tax bracket. What great art.

I am reminded of the trap of “imitation”. Many times a style becomes successful and everyone starts doing it. Looking at things that I find terrific lures me into that thinking. Especially when I see art that is at a level I want to reach. Learning from how other artists use color and texture and space is what we all should do. But beware of imitation… find your own voice but use the great techniques that can be learned from other artists to be original.

"Harvest prayer" sculpture at Mid America Nazarene University. Photo by Cliff Henderson

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